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A Few Reasons You Need To Hire A Grease Trap Cleaning Service

A Few Reasons You Need To Hire A Grease Trap Cleaning Service

When managing any type of restaurant, it’s important to ensure that you keep grease traps clean. Grease traps are difficult to manage on your own, and it’s easy to forget to take care of them when you are too busy running your restaurant. Use these tips to learn when you need to hire a grease trap cleaning service to help you.

The Traps Move Slow Or Everything Looks Especially Dirty

You should have your grease traps cleaned when you realize that they are not draining as they should. This is an easy thing to miss. Take a moment to notice how the drains will empty, how slow they are moving, and if you notice any gurgling or backups.

The Kitchen Might Smell Terrible

Your kitchen often smells appetizing because you are cooking amazing food in a small space. You can smell all the ingredients you use during the day, and you can smell each new dish as it comes up. At the same time, your grease traps will start to smell bad if they have not been cleaned. When you notice a noxious odor pass through the kitchen, see if the grease traps are clogged and have them cleaned before your customers notice.

Everything That Goes In The Drain Matters

If you are putting large food items in the drain, they will begin to clog your grease traps. Try to be a bit more mindful of what goes into the drain, and have the drains cleaned more often if you routinely put large foods in the drain. This is a simple thing that you can change about your kitchen so that you do not clog the drains constantly.

Grease Might Appear In Other Places

When you have a clogged grease trap, the grease will try to get out of the system in other ways. You may find grease in your water lines or sewage lines. Be alert so that you do not cause even more damage to the systems in the building. You want to ensure that the grease is not leaking out of the trap onto portions of the foundation or frame. You do not want the grease to pool inside the building where you can always smell it, and you should make sure that the trap is cleaned before it spills into the street.

No one will want to eat in your restaurant if they smell a dirty grease trap when they walk by.

When Did You Get The Grease Traps Cleaned?

Government organizations like the EPA say that you should have the grease traps cleaned once every three months. You might have stricter guidelines in your city, and you should keep a record of the cleaning services you receive. If you cannot remember the last time you had your grease traps cleaned, that could be a problem. You may also want to schedule automatic grease trap cleaning appointments with your service provider so that you do not forget.


Ensure that you keep your grease traps in excellent condition to protect your business. You can use these tips to keep an eye on your grease traps, and you should keep a record of all the times that you have had the traps cleaned. You will notice a bad odor if the traps have not been cleaned, and you should stop putting large food items down the drain. You also must ensure that you do not see grease in other parts of the building.

You manage above the floor. We manage under it.


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