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Natural Commercial Drain Line Cleaner

Natural Commercial Drain Line Cleaner

Restaurant managers all over the world understand the importance of an effective drain cleaning service. On the face of it – when clogging and obstructions threaten to interrupt service – a strong chemical cleaner would seem to be the right choice for quick and productive results. After all, astringent solutions are demonstrated to cut through solid byproducts stuck in drains. Yet these synthetic agents can sometimes create more issues than they resolve.

Chemicals Don’t Stop with the Clog

The chemical components of most synthetic drain cleaners include sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, and aluminum. Together, they are effective at breaking up blockages because they quickly decompose the organic matter that is usually the core of the obstruction. In so doing, however, they do damage of their own. As chemicals sit in the plumbing systems breaking up fates, proteins, hair, etc, They can cause erosion in the interior of the pipes. PVC pipes are particularly vulnerable to softening and cracking.

Risks to Personal and Public Health

Chemical de-cloggers emanate fumes and molecules that are easily absorbed by eyes, nasal passages, and lungs. If used in tandem with a plunger or snake, these synthesized elements can splash up and burn the skin. Worse, these chemicals can find their way into aquifers and natural bodies of water where they can poison fish and plant life. With the water quality issues plaguing the Gulf Coast regions of Florida in recent years, local businesses are happy to do their part by choosing safer services for resolving clogged drains and grease traps.

Bio Drain of Florida as a Safe and Healthy Alternative

The bacteria utilized by Bio Drain sidestep these detrimental side effects while consuming the waste efficiently. In fact, Bio Drain treatments prevent – or severely minimize – organic build-up before it reaches the crisis point, as when a three-inch diameter pipe offers a one-inch opening. Best of all, Bio Drain of Florida offers a system that distributes daily doses of this exclusively patented bacteria formula into your drain system throughout the month by means of automatic pump and timer. Meanwhile, Bio Drain of Florida professionals monitor grease trap performance every other month; hydro-jet main and lateral lines; remove vegetable oil waste, and keep the system in compliance with Florida statutes and local ordinances.

Keeping the Environment in Mind

Bio Drain of Florida is dedicated to keeping the drain lines of southwest Florida’s restaurants and food-service outlets clear and operable. Just as important is keeping the natural world as free of toxins and litter as possible. Many harmful items and substances can go down a drain line, wreaking functional havoc in your kitchen or ecological havoc beyond. In doing business for over 27 years, Bio Drain of Florida takes a proactive approach to drain lines and grease traps – avoid the problems before they start. This aggressive approach works to make kitchen malfunctions rare and environmental dysfunction a thing of the past.

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